Toothbrush for Small Pet Bamboo Dental Care Soft Charcoal Blue Head

Loyal Pet Ferret

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Colour Name: blue

-Bamboo Toothbrush with extra small head for best access and cleaning. Good oral hygiene is an essential part of your pet's daily routine - a great VOHC veterinary approved toothpaste and a disposable charcoal toothbrush is the best and natural way to clean their teeth and remove tartar and bad breath.

-Charcoal has been used in cleaning for over a thousand years as it's one of nature's best absorbing and cleaning agents. That's why we use it in the bristles of our pet cat dog toothbrush because your pet deserves it. Suitable for all breeds and sizes from a small puppy to large big dogs.

-The charcoal bamboo pet toothbrush absorbs all the odour-causing compounds, is a natural cleanser and leaves your pet's teeth clean, fresh and odour-free as well. The charcoal that's infused into the bamboo bristles makes them much softer compared with normal brushes and finger toothbrushes so helps in protecting their sensitive gums from being cut or scratched. Ideal for teething pets.

-It also, safely and naturally pulls the plaque away from the teeth without damaging or eroding the enamel. Since many pets suffer quietly with painful dental disease, it's often called a silent killer. So, good dental care daily by brushing is the best way for your best furry friend to live longer, healthier and happier with a healthy mouth.

-Another, benefit is Bamboo Charcoal is a natural plaque remover and whitens teeth by gently lifting and removing the stains for a teeth whitening sparkling smile. But, charcoal does more than just remove the plaque and freshen breath when teeth cleaning.

-A natural cleanser, it neutralizes the bacteria and germs at their source. The bacteria which cause dental disease; so, stop worrying about your best friend's dental hygiene care by acting now and ordering today.


-IDEAL FOR ALL SMALL BREEDS as easier access with small bamboo charcoal bristle head which removes and lifts plaque naturally unlike other pet dental products dog dental toys and brushes
-GENTLE KIND GUM CARE with super soft bristles compared to other ferret tooth brushes which can scrape gums and damage teeth so perfect to use as a Kitten or puppy toothbrush
-NO MORE bad ferret breath as bamboo charcoal naturally freshens breath for fresher kisses and for best results dog toothbrush and toothpaste should be used together
-HYGIENIC cleanser as charcoal naturally neutralizes microorganisms by cleansing and deodorizing the toothbrush between brushing
NATURAL teeth whitening as activated charcoal absorbs stains that are on your pet's teeth providing effective dog teeth cleaning

Pet Type: Dog, Cat, Horse, Small Animals
Item Weight: 22.7 g
Product Dimensions: 19 x 2 x 2 cm
Breed Recommendation: All Breeds
Colour: blue
Size: Extra Small
Care Instructions: Wash and clean after each use and check for any damage before use. Always supervise use. Not a toy.
Storage Information: Keep in a cool place
Special Features: Easy to Clean, Veterinary Approved, Hygienic
Specific Uses: Daily Use, Chewing & Dental, Suitable for Young pets, Tooth Problems, Suitable for Adult pets
Shipping Weight: 22.7 g