Warm Paw Print Blanket/Bed Cover for ferrets

Loyal Pet Ferret

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A Communication Between ferrets and Masters

ferrets : Mammy,when night comes I feel so cold.

Mammy: Luke, you got a lot of hair on body. It couldn't it be a warm coat?

ferrets : Mammy. Although I have thick hair, I still can't resist the cold weather, actually there is not very thick hair on my stomach. If I get sick, mam need to spend money on seeing a doctor for me and I would also suffer a lot.

Mammy: So what do you want me to do?

ferrets : I just know that Lily got a beautiful blanket from Loyalpetferret.com.

Mammy: Well, and then?

ferrets : These blankets are great !The material is double-sided fleece,it is soft and warm.It can be blanket ,mat,cover and bath towel. In addition,it is reused, very practical.

Mammy: I will buy it for you.


-Ultra-Soft Fleece Material
-More Colors, More Options
-Machine Washable
-Cute Paw Print