Niteangel Cage Hammock Pet Nap Hanging Bed Accessories Fit 2 Adult Ferrets or 3 More Adult Rats

Loyal Pet Ferret

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Color: Chocolate


Keep your furry little friend warm and cozy with the Niteangel Double Bunkbed Hammock. The perfect spot for a high-flying snuggle after a full day of fun and play, this soft, cuddly sling is made of superb-quality plush, quilted cotton to cradle your critter in luxurious comfort.
The four sturdy nylon straps with metal clips attaches easily to almost all wire-frame habitats, while the dual-level design allows your tired ferret or rat to lounge on top of the hammock, or curl up inside for added peace and tranquility.

Please check regularly for signs of chewing and replace when necessary.

This hammock has a bottom length of 15 inches, top length of 13.3 inches and a depth of 10 inches.
And there have 4 opens on cornors, the opening width of 8 inches, the opening depth of 6 inches.

We suggest measuring you furry little ones to determine if size is compatible.