Shampoo powder MENFORSAN 250grs for dogs, cats, rodents and ferrets

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Shampoo powder MENFORSAN 250grs for dogs, cats, rodents and ferrets

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Shampoo with insect repellant powder 

Shampoo powder for dogs, cats, rabbits, Guinea pigs and ferrets indicated for maintenance and hygiene of the fur without the use of water. Its formula contains surfactants natives that eliminate odor deodorizing e sanitized the fur. It contains extract of NEEM, natural insecticide, which prevents and repels all kinds of insects, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and mites. recommended for use for puppies, animal nursing, in gestation, very old, with fear to water or cleaning in the hard days of the Winter when the usual bathroom is not very suitable.

How to use

  • Apply directly on the dry coat of pet empolvando the area to clean and avoiding the eye contact
  • Massage thoroughly from the tip hair to the skin so that the product adheres and brush vigorously
  • Adapted Ph



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