SuperPet Ferret Cage Ceramic Food Water Bowl (Red)

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Paw-Print PetWare 4.25" Ferret Bowl

Paw-Print Petware is the perfect fancy feeder for your pet ferret. This fun and fashionable bowl is decorated with fun paw prints and face silhouettes of a ferret! These ceramic dishes are the highest quality feeder for your pet, plus they are heavy-duty to prevent spills. Paw-Print Petware is available assorted in four color combinations.
  • 4.25"diameter bowl is made with durable chew proof ceramic - It is 1.5 inches deep. 
  • Ideal for ferrets or other small animals
  • Available in assorted colors
  • Bowl weight is 12 oz.  It is heavy  - to keep pets from turning over. 


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